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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rosie SpencerRosie Spencer
Nervous Driver
After years of debating whether to take driving lessons I finally plucked up the courage to start in 2016. Some of my family members had recommended Phil to me as they'd passed with him already so I decided to finally start my driving lessons! Phil is such a lovely and patient instructor who makes you feel so at ease and also doesn't make you feel useless when you get things wrong! I honestly don't know what I would have done with out him. Thank you Phil

Vicky BarrettVicky Barrett
Nervous Driver - Passed 1st Time
When I finally decided to take my driving lessons after years of having anxiety about doing so, I chose Phil at LDC as my boyfriend had passed first time with him and he highly recommend him. As soon as I met Phil I explained how nervous I was and explained my main reason to learn to drive was to have a better future for my daughter and myself. He understood me totally and was so calm. He explained things to me easily and slowly as he could tell I was very anxious. We went through the driving skills workbook which is great, I used that daily to top up on information. Phil as been more than an instructor to me, he has been my comfort whilst behind the wheel and also my friend. Passing my test my first time is just out of this world!! He tells me 'I've done all the hard work' but.... without Phil being so professional and calm I would never have achieved this. My dreams have come true!! Thank you Phil!!!

Graham CrossGraham Cross
First Time Pass
Thanks to Phil I passed my driving test first time at the age of 59. Even though I’d wanted to learn to drive before I’d always put it off and as time went on I became increasingly apprehensive. I really thought I’d left it too late. However, one day I saw Phil’s website, read the testimonials written by his former pupils and was so impressed that I decided to contact him. Understandably Phil had a list of people waiting to become pupils so I had to wait a few months for my lessons to start. However, waiting for Phil was a good decision (although I’m not sure he’d say the same!) I wasn’t a fast learner but Phil was endlessly patient and always positive. There were times when I could have easily given up but with Phil’s encouragement, I persevered and passed 1st time. I would recommend Phil to anyone.

Sam FrenchSam French
Phil was a great instructor. Right from the start he prepared me well for my first lesson. The LDC system provides you with a textbook and DVD to watch - this was very helpful when I was first learning as I had never even thought about driving before. I would watch the DVD before my lessons and then I would be able to take this into the car and Phil would ask if I had any questions. He made me feel as though I was in charge of my driving by asking, each week, if there was anything in particular that I wanted to focus on. For example, whenever we would try a new manoeuvre or roundabout he would say "would you like to have a go and then we can talk about it", or "would you like me to talk you through it". I believe that this gave me confidence in my driving as I wanted to have a go at things and he also made me feel as though it's alright to make mistakes. He was also very thorough and, in my opinion, has equipped me for a lifetime of safe driving and not just to pass my test. As a result, he was always calm and very patient. This reflected back onto me as I didn't panic. When things didn't quite go my way, he encouraged me to look on the bright side and put me at ease, this ultimately helped me control my nerves on test day. I can't thank him enough for all the support he's given me and for being a genuinely nice person, as well as a top instructor. His best piece of advice, as I drive today, is that it's all about protecting yourself to stay safe and looking out for the other road users as they may often be the ones who aren't so careful! Thank you Phil.

Lisa SimpsonLisa Simpson
Phil is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. He is very professional, friendly, has a great knowledge of driving and safety on the road and is really easy to talk to. During lessons he explains everything very clearly and concisely and is always open to any question.

When I started my lessons I was a bit nervous about being out on the road but Phil he made me feel completely at ease, as he was always so calm and patient, even when I made stupid mistakes. This approach has taught me to stay calm, even when things go wrong and I feel that has made me a better and safer driver. I really enjoyed my lessons and developed a real love of driving.

Just recently I passed my driving test and I would like to thank Phil for helping me achieve this.

Mia HalpineMia Halpine
Only 2 Minor Faults
I have just passed my driving test with a massive thank you to Phil! I had heard loads about him before starting my lessons so choosing him out of all the others was a piece of cake. I would definitely recommend him to anybody thinking about taking driving lessons. Whenever I made a mistake he would correct me in the best way and never ever shouted or got grumpy with me. He makes you feel totally at ease and calm all the time. I have really, really enjoyed doing my driving lessons with Phil as not only is he an instructor but he is a pleasure to be around as well and a lovely friend :) The only downfall of passing is that I will actually miss having our lessons and chin wags each week haha! I would definitely recommend him 100%! Thank you Phil! Beep beep...

Taranjeet SinghTaranjeet Singh
First Time Pass
I had used LDC learning materials which helped me pass my theory test with ease, So I felt confident that LDC must have highly qualified instructors in their fleet and I was not wrong. I did lots of research to find the right instructor for me, asking around and searching online because I am very particular about spending my money on the right thing! I am glad I found all the qualities in Phil that I was looking for in an instructor: - fully qualified and experienced in driving - patient - knowledgeable about the localities and common driving test routes - punctual - flexible - friendly and motivating - competitively priced No wonder then that I passed my test on my first attempt with only 2 minor faults. I am now telling all those people who I asked for a good instructor, that I have a great name to recommend for anyone who is looking for a driving instructor - Phil Russell. The best thing about Phil is that he not only teaches you how to pass your test (which is the bare minimum you need) but more importantly he ensures you are fully equipped with the positive habits of a competent and safe driver as an asset for life. You need to look nowhere else. You will make one of the best decisions in life by learning with Phil.

Josh BransonJosh Branson
Nervous Driver
I was always nervous about taking my driving lessons and choosing a driving instructor, but I heard about Phil through a friend and he came highly recommended and I was not disappointed at all. Phil runs a very professional service and made it easy to learn even around my ever changing shifts at work . He always found a slot for me and made sure I was comfortable. If you want to learn to drive, Phil is someone that will make sure you have the confidence, knowledge and skills to pass safely. I can honestly say don't hesitate to book through Phil.

Renee TangRenee Tang
Learning how to drive with Phil was a great experience for me!

He's so friendly and helpful and was extremely patient with me throughout the time I was learning to drive.

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He taught my brother to drive too.

I have got my first car now and I am super-super grateful for everything you've helped me with over the last few months.

Thanks Phil

Myah JethwaMyah Jethwa
First Time Pass
To start this off, I honestly do not know how Phil has so much patience, but I cannot thank him enough for being the lovely person that he is. During each and every one of my driving lessons (even on the lesson before my test), no matter how much I muddled up on small things and made mistakes, Phil always remained calm, supported me and informed me of the mistake and would remind me of how to avoid it in future.

Not once did he raise his voice or make me feel uncomfortable in any kind of way. His common line was ‘Myah, we are all human and mistakes happen and we all have our bad days’ – which was very comforting and made me feel as though I was not a ‘rubbish’ driver! I am happy to say that I was recommended to Phil by my Dad, as they are both old friends and my Dad made sure that I picked Phil over any other instructor and I definitely have no regrets in making that decision.

Phil provided me with a Workbook and a DVD which informed me of what lessons would consist of and it also prepared me for my theory test which was extremely beneficial, as I managed to pass my theory test first time, and was able to go into driving lessons knowing what was to be expected.

Although driving is something that requires intense concentration and focus, I would always look forward to having my lessons due to the fact that Phil and I would always have a laugh so the lessons never actually got boring. I always felt at ease with Phil and enjoyed his company.

Phil also ALWAYS made sure that being 'safe' was kept as the main priority which is extremely important whilst being on the roads, and I know for a fact that when I get my own car, I will always remember what he has taught me about safety.

I was never a confident driver (even towards the date of my test), yet Phil would always bring out the best in me and praise me which did in fact give me confidence and motivation to carry on with driving lessons, which I am glad that I did, as I passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!

Knowing that I am now legally a driver has still not fully sunk in as I am constantly looking at my pink driving license, but there is only one person to thank for that.

Thank you SO much Phil, I cannot express how much I would recommend you to those who wish to have an enjoyable, memorable driving experience!!

Rory KirkRory Kirk
Before learning with Phil I had the vaguest idea of how to drive a car. He took me step by step in a calm and proper manner which allowed me to learn without getting too frustrated.

Throughout my time with Phil I never felt uneasy - he was always patient with me and never raised his voice; which can be the case with other instructors. Phil made me realise that mistakes are something to learn from and his positive attitude started to reflect in my driving ability.

Phil's passion for safe driving and enthusiasm for my success has resulted in me passing my driving test and getting out onto the roads feeling confident behind the wheel. If you are looking for a friendly, positive and relaxed instructor who knows what they are doing - then look no further than Phil Russell.

You will be missed mate and hopefully I'll see you soon out on the roads (doing the speed limit!!)

Tom MiddletonTom Middleton
Having had bad experiences with driving and driving instructors in the past, I went to Phil as a nervous driver, lacking in confidence and feeling overwhelmed with even the basics of driving.

However, I left Phil having passed my driving test first time, a calm & relaxed driver, confident in my own ability to deal with any situation on the road. Phil is a brilliant, patient, friendly instructor.

As you progress through your lessons, Phil not only prepares you to pass the driving test, but also to be a good driver now and in the future. Anytime I made a mistake, it was pointed out to me in a constructive, polite and friendly manner. Any questions I had about driving, no matter how basic, Phil always answered enthusiastically and in just the right amount of detail! I can't recommend Phil enough, he is a fantastic all round instructor who made me feel confident, relaxed and in control in the car and on the road.

David LangfordDavid Langford
I passed my test FIRST TIME with LDC and my instructor Phil Russell.
I was mentored throughout my learning, step by step during each lesson. Phil was very supportive during my learning, ensuring I would be a safe driver at all times. I personally thank Phil for helping me achieve this goal towards getting my licence.

This has helped me a great deal and now it is a skill I have for life. I am greatly thankful for all that I was taught by Phil. I had very low confidence when I started to learn to drive but Phil helped me gain confidence behind the wheel each week and develop my skills through his calm approach and helpful instruction.

I highly recommend any new driver wanting to learn to drive to use Phil. He is a polite and friendly instructor.

Siobhan PooltonSiobhan Poolton
After failing my driving test 3 times with a different instructor before I started University, I decided that as I'm now in my final year I needed to be able to drive! So, I started lessons with Phil and took a 20 hour Midway Pass course.

From the very first time I met him on the home visit, he was so friendly, positive and made me feel so relaxed. Whenever I made mistakes, he never once shouted at me or made me feel stupid, he would just say 'we're all human' and then we'd move on and keep practicing!

He gave me so much more confidence in my driving than I'd ever had before because he praised me on everything I'd done well. He planned my lessons around things that I didn't feel very good at - so eventually, nothing about driving worried me anymore.

I always used to struggle with my manoeuvres, but Phil made them so much easier for me by breaking them down and giving me easy ways to remember things like when to start turning the wheel and how much distance I needed to keep, so now I actually don't mind doing them!

Phil is so easy to talk to and he really does make you feel like you're his priority while you're having lessons with him. For the first time ever, I actually looked forward to my driving lessons!!

Thank you so much Phil for helping me to pass my test with ONLY 2 MINORS!!! You really are the best driving instructor ever and I'll miss driving with you now!!

Hayley LyonHayley Lyon
Phil is an absolutely brilliant driving instructor and I can't thank him enough for helping me to pass my driving test first time.

I really thought that I would struggle with learning to drive at the age of 30, but Phil put me feel at ease and made me feel more confident in myself every week. He has so much patience and he doesn't mind when you make mistakes. He became a friend as well as my driving instructor and I would highly recommend Phil to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

Grace RobertsGrace Roberts
Phil is one of the most talented, patient and kind hearted instructors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

After bad experiences attempting to learn to drive in the past, Phil's friendly and refreshing can-do attitude helped me from the very first lesson. He put me at ease straight away and made sure I was confident in areas before moving onto the next and he remained calm throughout all of our lessons. Phil is passionate about his work and truly takes the time to get to know what type of person you are when instructing you. He is an exceptional teacher!

Phil never put pressure on me or rushed me to take my test, he was very patient with me and I found that although at times I got frustrated with myself, he never lost his patience with me.

I passed my test FIRST TIME and it has given me so much more freedom as I feel completely confident to start driving long distances now for my work. Thank you so so much for putting up with me and helping me pass! You're a star!

Sophie LitchfieldSophie Litchfield
I just want to say a big thank you to Phil for all the hard work and dedication he has put into teaching me a new life changing skill. He is a very calm, laid-back, positive and very enthusiastic driving instructor who makes learning to drive an enjoyable experience. You can tell he is very passionate about his job and goes that extra mile to make sure you fully understand and feel comfortable with everything that's being taught.

Before Phil, I had lessons with a different instructor but never felt like I was progressing and definitely didn't think I'd pass my test with him which made me look elsewhere. My husband recommended Phil to me after passing his test 1st time with him and after reading the outstanding testimonials he had I decided to book with him myself, this was by far one of the best decisions I have made, he is such a nice person and training with Phil you gain a friend as well as a licence!

Phil has a spotless car and is always well prepared and on time for all lessons. I like the fact Phil tells you what you're doing on your next lesson so you can look at the DVD that's lent to you (which is fantastic!) in preparation for it.

In addition to this, Phil also gives you a couple of mock driving tests before the real one which I found very beneficial as it gave me an idea of how the real one would be and I tightened up on some of the things I could have potentially got minor faults for.

Finally, I would just like to say Phil is a fantastic driving instructor and an all round nice guy who I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive, not to mention the excellent value for money!

I can't thank you enough Phil :) and I look forward to doing pass plus with you in the new year.

Craig ParsonsCraig Parsons
I can't thank Phil enough for helping me pass my driving test. He never shouted or got angry when I made mistakes, just politely said that's not how you do it and would proceed to show me the correct way.

I always felt at ease driving with Phil.

When you learn to drive with Phil you gain a friend, not just a teacher. I would recommend Phil to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Chelsea HoughamChelsea Hougham
After a few weeks of driving with another instructor I changed to Phil as I felt my skills and confidence on the road were not improving. Within minutes of having a chat with Phil, I knew I had made the right decision in changing and instantly felt at ease from my first driving lesson with him. Instead of dreading each lesson, I started to look forward to them.

From lesson to lesson my confidence grew and that was all down to Phil who was always encouraging even when I made mistakes. When in the car, it just felt like driving with a friend instead of an instructor as we always had great conversations with lots of laughs too - Not only is Phil an amazing driving instructor but I can honestly say he is considered a well-loved friend. If I struggled with a round-about or junction, Phil would make sure to keep going over that part of the road until I understood how to drive around it without any problems. No matter how many times we had to go over a manoeuvre Phil never lost his patience and was always understanding and gave me extra tips on how to judge different distances. At the end of each lesson, Phil would always tell me what we would be doing next lesson and what I had done well that lesson which made me believe in myself a lot more.

Before lessons with Phil, I thought learning to drive would be impossible - especially the turn in the road!! However, I now consider that my favourite manoeuvre and love being able to go out for a drive now after passing my test FIRST TIME - All thanks to Phils' teaching , support and encouragement.

I cannot thank Phil enough for everything he has done to help me and I am now looking forward to beginning motorway driving with him. See you on the road Phil!

Jade GarbettJade Garbett
Learning to drive with LDC and Phil was a great experience right from the start. It was important for me to find the right instructor, someone I felt comfortable with and I met Phil for a chat before starting my lessons which put me at ease. I found the workbook really helpful as it covered all the lessons we'd be having and what we would be doing on each lesson, and I found it really easy to follow. It was also good to know what we would be covering the next week so I could feel more prepared. The DVD was also a great visual aid to my learning.

Phil is patient, calm and friendly and again this really put me at ease whilst learning to drive. I felt throughout my lessons that I was going at a pace I was comfortable with and I felt that I could ask to spend more time on areas of driving that I wasn't as confident in.

As we approached my test I found Phil's input and experience really useful. He talked me through what to expect on the test and we had a few mock lessons which were similar to the test itself in preparation.

I would highly recommend LDC and Phil as a driving instructor, he was so supportive in building my confidence in driving and never criticised me or made me feel that I was doing anything wrong. I've just bought my first car and lots of the advice Phil gave me about driving comes back to me all the time!

Josh SmithJosh Smith
I just want to say thank you to Phil.
He is not just a fantastic driving instructor, but also a great guy! Not only that but he is easy to sit in a car with and this made me feel at home and in control. I had been driving with Phil for 3 months and was ready to take my test. His teaching style is accessible, he doesn't get loud, shout or make you panic, in fact I almost miss him in the car now I've passed! Phil, I could not recomend you highly enough.

Ashley KachaAshley Kacha
After being thoroughly fed up with driving lessons from a string of private instructors with who simply did not have the patience to teach their students well, I took a long break from driving.

My parents bought me the LDC driving course and Phil was in contact almost straight away. Previous experience had taught me to be a little apprehensive about being behind the wheel, but with Phil it was completely different. He put in the effort to fit me into slots so that I could complete the course before returning to university. As an instructor, Phil was patient and understood perfectly what it was like for someone to begin driving. Within a couple of hours I was having the time of my life and my confidence was through the roof!!

I have no doubt that passing my test was almost completely down to Phil's teaching and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone returning to the driving scene, or even starting fresh.

Brittanie BroughtonBrittanie Broughton
I have had many driving lessons & many driving instructors in the past and I was beginning to think that I would never pass my driving test..... then I met Phil at LDC.

He was kind, friendly, calm and very understanding. He gave me lots of confidence as he always praised me when I did something right and gave me guidance and help on the things I struggled with. Phil has patience like no other driving instructor I have had before! He worked with me on my weak areas over and over until I felt confident in what I was doing.

I am now on the road thanks to Phil and I feel like driving has opened so many opportunities to me for the future.

Overall Phil is a calm & friendly instructor who truly does have your best interests at heart. Thank you Phil.

Jack MoranJack Moran
I was fortunate enough to begin learning with Phil straight away through a recommendation. Having heard horror stories of driving instructors I found Phil to be quite the opposite.

He is an excellent driving instructor who is very patient and takes things at your own pace, fitting lessons around your schedule. Rather than following a strict plan, Phil tailors each lesson towards you as an individual ensuring you are confident and comfortable with every aspect of driving; as well as making you feel calm behind the wheel.

Phil offers outstanding teaching and great value for money, I could not recommend him enough. Thanks, Jack

Jonathan BaileyJonathan Bailey
I was eagerly awaiting my 17th birthday to arrive so that I could get driving and start learning.

As Phil was already teaching my girlfriend, I had met him before and I found that he was a very patient, punctual and above all, a really friendly guy. I was able to meet with him before I started my lessons to discuss options and he was also able to help me fill in the application form for my provisional.

Phil also allowed my girlfriend and I to sit in on each other's lessons so we were both able to learn even when we weren't actually driving. I found that Phil went beyond what was required so that I wasn't just ready for my test but prepared for getting in my own car for the first time after passing. One simple example is when he allowed us both to fill up with fuel, which can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. He was always in touch to remind me about lessons or let me know if he had any extra spaces. Even though I didn't pass my test first time, on the day Phil was able to bring me right back up to 100% confidence by putting his trust and belief in me.

We both plan to have top up and motorway lessons to keep up the high standards that Phil set for keeping us safe and making us responsible drivers.

I can speak on behalf of me and my girlfriend (Sophie) when I say that we both miss having our driving lessons with Phil, but we are both able to go out onto the road knowing that we were taught by the best!

Dee PhillipsDee Phillips
I have had numerous instructors and numerous lessons in the past, but all to no avail. I contacted Phil almost as my last hope and it was the best decision I have ever made!

After being involved in two car accidents some years ago I was extremely nervous and self doubting. Phil had so much belief in me that I started to believe in myself again too. Each time I would find something challenging during my lessons, which were everything with me! But Phil would break it down and explain it in a way I could understand. He has endless patience and a very calming nature, he always remained professional and always had his wits about him. Phil adapts brilliantly to different people and he will use all of his skills to help you reach your goal.

We always had a bit of a giggle during the lessons which would put me at ease and I would then find my lessons enjoyable and take in more information. Using the LDC workbook and DVD system was great for me as Phil explained how it all worked and by watching the dvd before each lesson and answering questions in my work book we would then spend more time driving than sitting in the car talking about it. Phil used every minute of my lesson to its fullest and so I always felt that I got a lot out of it. I can't thank him enough for what I have achieved because I never thought it was possible for me.

But this journey with Phil has not only had an end result of me passing my test but I have gained so much more besides. He really is one in a million and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Thank you Phil, you not only believed in me, but have given me a new lease of life and for that I will always be grateful x

Lidia BirdLidia Bird
Some years ago I took a lot of driving lessons and it was very stressful. I failed my test a few times and so I decided to give up. Then when I retired I had a lot of time on my hands and as all of my elderly friends were drivers I felt the odd one out so I decided to start again but had my doubts as to whether it was possible for me to pass my driving test at my age.... but then I found Phil.

He reassured me and I started driving again. He encouraged me and helped me to believe in myself again. I was amazed at his patience and I looked forward to our lessons. He was friendly, sympathetic with my difficulties and his professional qualities were great. He would arrange our lessons in such a way that so I would work hard at my mistakes, and I soon felt confident.

I have now passed my test at the age of 65! & thanks to Phil, my dream came true! Thank you Phil.

Sophie BuckleySophie Buckley
What can I say about Phil!
He is the most amazing, fabulous person I have ever met!! Phil is very calm, passionate about driving & safety and patient. I really wasn't a very confident driver at first, but Phil really put all his efforts into building up my confidence and I passed my test 1st time! I'm not easy to teach as I have a very bad memory and forget things very easily so I put it all down to him! The day before a lot of my lessons I had to text Phil and ask 'What time is my lesson again tomorrow??' even though I had it written down sometimes! Phil and his wife would say 'That must be Soph!' we always had a chuckle about this and got into a routine with it as they would always know who it was as soon as the text came though.

I was always so afraid of the dreaded roundabouts but Phil was very patient with me and gave me a lot of time and help with them and now I have mastered them! The best thing I will always remember about my lessons with Phil is that we always had fun and chatted like we were good friends and I still learned at the same time. I would normally feel embarrassed about doing things or talking in front of people but I didn't with Phil, I always looked forward to my lessons.

Thank you so much Phil, I loved having you as my driving instructor & I will truly miss having my driving lessons every week! : '(

Aaron CloughAaron Clough
All thanks to Phil I passed my driving test 1st time with only 2 minors. Phil manages to fill you with self-confidence, he isn't just 'some' instructor, he's a friend.

When I didn't understand something Phil broke it down to make it easier for me. He never just said 'OK, today we are doing this and that', he took the time and effort to organise lessons and go through anything I wasn't overly sure about, from moving off & stopping to manoeuvres. I'm so glad I chose Phil to teach me how to drive and the LDC system was great too.

The workbook & DVD were amazing! They take you through everything step-by-step. If anyone asked me to recommend a driving instructor, Phil - it'll be you everytime. Thanks for everything mate!!

Josie MonkmanJosie Monkman
Thanks to Phil, learning was fun and I always looked forward to my next lesson! Phil was recommended to me by a member of my family who had passed with him previously. From my first home visit I didn't look back. I'd had a bad experience with a past driving instructor and my confidence was at rock-bottom. Phil came to me with patience and understanding and built my confidence right back up. He always listened and found time to fit me in around my lifestyle.

He created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and always reassured me when I wasn't sure about something. I am so grateful to him as now I have the rest of my life to look forward to on the road!

Thank you Phil for everything. I am definitely recommending you to EVERYONE! x

Jamie ClarkeJamie Clarke
Learning how to drive with Phil was great. He was very welcoming and friendly from the moment he came round to explain about the training and car etc and right through to the day of me passing my test. He makes you feel very relaxed and gives you alot of confidence when starting from fresh. Because of this I was able to take in my training very quickly and I was ready to be put in for my test in no time. I had a very enjoyable time learning with Phil and was glad I chose him to train with.

Phil is a very motivating, punctual and reassuring driving instructor and I would reccomend him to anyone taking their lessons. Thanks Phil

Gavin CollinsGavin Collins
Thanks to Phil I managed to pass my test first time with very few minors. I'd strongly recommend Phil to anyone wanting to learn how to drive safely and properly. He knows how to work his lessons around peoples individual needs and works patiently with you so that you learn in a stress free way. His patience and constant encouragement is what helped me have the confidence and skills to progress and pass. I was always learning in a calm and at ease environment whilst in the car and any areas for improvement were always approached in a constructive manner.. Phil is very professional and friendly, he keeps his car clean and always kept me well informed with any changes or lesson times as well as always being willing to allow a little extra time just to make sure I was confident in what I'd learnt in my lessons.

Using the DVD and workbook at home I was able to gain an understanding of what I'd be covering in the lessons, giving me more time on the road and increasing value for money. Thank you Phil !

Darragh HollowayDarragh Holloway
Learning to drive with Phil was the best decision I've made. Phil was always positive & encouraging & made me feel so comfortable when on the road. He always gave advice & tips to make manoeuvres a lot easier too. He gave me a book which was extremely useful and also a DVD which is very good. A lot of the time is spent on the road driving and not sat still talking. The car was really good & easy to get the hang of. If anyone asked me I would highly recommend Phil!!!

Rachael De-PaepeRachael De-Paepe
Thank you Phil, not only have you managed to teach me how to drive and pass my test but your teaching methods and total patience have given me a huge confidence boost.

I was very nervous after not driving for around 10 years but with the great teaching of Phil's I have managed to pass my test after only 9 lessons and only got 2 minors!

I can't thank you enough Phil and I will make sure I put everything you have taught me into practice. I will be recommending you to anyone that needs a brilliant instructor.

James Brazier James Brazier
I took and passed my driving test after 25 hours of driving lessons. Because Phil was such a good driving instructor, it only took me one attempt to pass, and it was a strong pass as well. Without Phil's tutoring I wouldn't have been able to pass as strongly as I did.

I think if I were to have been driving with a different instructor I wouldn't be in the same position as I am now because of the quality of his teaching.

The effort that Phil has put into preparing his car for lessons is also of a high standard and the reference points in the car for manoeuvres help a great amount. The advice he gives to help you with your driving is excellent and I would recommend Phil to anyone who wants to pass their test quickly and to be a good, safe driver afterwards. He really does put his heart into his job and takes the nerves away for the first timers. Thanks a lot Phil.

Josh KnappJosh Knapp
Huge Congratulations to Josh who passed his test 1st time with only 2 minor faults (and they really were minor!) You made it all look so easy and proved yet again that using the LDC DVD and workbook system as well as putting in the effort each week really does pay off. It was great to teach you and to see you improve so much each week.

I think the added incentive of driving your Mum's brand new Peugeot RCZ might have helped too!!! Lucky you. Well done Josh.

Chris HearnChris Hearn
Well done to Chris who passed his driving test after taking a long gap in his driving. A fantastic result and a great confidence boost too! You really worked hard to get back up to speed & thoroughly deserved your pass. The Chief Examiner in Leicester who took your test was impressed too! (although I didn't tell you he was until after you had passed!) Congratulations and enjoy your independence. I'm really glad the DVD helped you to gain your confidence. See you on the road!!

Dechlan ConnellDechlan Connell
Phil's driving lessons gave me experience and value for money. Phil is an enthusiastic and passionate guy - both about his job and his individuals' successes. He understands that everyone starts off in the same position and made me feel comfortable during my lessons and feeling good when each driving lesson finished.

Even on my first lesson when I was nervous and not sure what to do, he stayed calm and explained what I was doing wrong. This helped me improve my weaknesses each week and I progressed at a good pace.

Using the DVD and Workbook every week helps give you a better understanding and knowledge of what to expect on each lesson with the basics of how to do it. Watching the DVD and using the Workbook helped cut out the amount of time wasted from being told what to do each lesson.

Overall, I would strongly recommend learning to drive to Phil, not only because of the excellent value for money but for the time and effort he spends in helping you progress towards passing your driving test.

No matter how busy he is, he always finds the time to fit you in. Also the car itself is a good car to learn in which is kept clean and tidy.

Philip GoodgerPhilip Goodger
I chose to take driving lessons with Phil after seeing his car around my village. He clearly explained to me everything that we would be doing before each lesson and always made sure that I was comfortable before we started driving. I always felt at ease whilst out on the road with Phil and he was always on hand to answer any questions that I had. I felt confident and at ease when it came to my theory test, which I passed first time and also my driving test which I also passed first time! I would highly recommend Phil.

Geoff GarnerGeoff Garner
I learnt to drive with Phil having had a long gap from driving whilst away at University.

Phil was a very reassuring & calm instructor whose approach to teaching very quickly got me up to speed & ready for my driving test. The weaknesses in my driving were soon identified & developed to a passing standard.

I felt immediately equipped for 'real life' driving because of the range and depth of Phil's teaching.

I would highly recommend Phil whether you are a brand new driver or returning to the wheel after some time out!

Alastair KirkAlastair Kirk
It was my parents who set me up to learn with Phil.

I remember my first lesson and how nervous I was just to drive in first gear!

Phil understood that everyone gets nervous when they first sit behind the wheel & he was very patient as I progressed in each lesson. I can safely say that learning with Phil was more of a fun experience than a lesson every week, even though I learnt all that I needed to know and more.

He was always willing to put in extra time to help me fit in lessons around college.

The workbook and DVD were also more than helpful when it came to being prepared for the start of each lesson.

On the day of my test I had the smallest amount of confidence that I was going to pass, but Phil managed to boost that tremendously before I took it, and it definitely paid off!

Now I have reached the end of my time learning with Phil, I'm glad that I can call him a friend rather than a teacher.

Becky CottonBecky Cotton
Well done to Becky who passed her test 1st time!

I still think back & remember when you first drove the car & jumped a mile when you pressed the gas pedal - but just look at you now...... What an amazing result & proof that hard work & self belief will always pay off. The look of sheer shock on your face when you passed was a picture!!! I really hope you enjoy your new found freedom Becky. Well done again.

Dan LukeDan Luke
Huge congratulations to Dan who passed his test 1st time with only 1 minor driving fault! It was brilliant to see you pass your test & share in your well deserved success. I know it meant so much to you to pass so you could buy your van for your new business. Well done for putting in the hard work & reaping all the rewards! Do me a favour though......Don't turn into a typical WHITE VAN MAN! Well done on your superb result & I wish you continued success with your business.

Kevin HodgsonKevin Hodgson
I started learning to drive with Phil through a recommendation, & I'm so glad I did as it turned out to be great for me! I had taken plenty of lessons in the past and always found driving a very daunting experience. Not so with Phil - he was very patient, understanding & put me at ease in the car, making every lesson a pleasure. Phil became as much of a friend as a driving instructor, yet was always able to maintain a professional manner during my lessons.

Although I had driven before, I found the LDC teaching system very useful to get me back up to speed again. I was given a book and a DVD which were so helpful in preparation for each lesson.

I passed my driving test with only 1 minor fault which is testament to Phil's teaching ability and his passion for driving.

I highly recommend learning to drive with Phil and LDC!

Lindzey LangfordLindzey Langford
When I started looking for a company to learn to drive with, my cousin recommended Phil from LDC.

As soon as Phil came to my home he was very punctual & professional. He showed me around his car & let me have a drive too. During my home visit Phil also gave to me & explained the Workbook & DVDs, which I found very helpful.

Every lesson I took with Phil he was very friendly & funny. Not a lesson went by where I wasn't laughing with Phil but at the same time he remained professional. After a while Phil seemed more of a friend to me than a driving instructor which made me feel a lot more at ease and very confident with my driving.

Phil is very dedicated to his job & a very good driving instructor. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone (which I have). I passed first time thanks to Phil.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't passed first time as I really enjoyed my lessons & I find it weird to be driving alone now!

Gemma HarperGemma Harper
I signed up for a Semi-Intensive course with Phil in February and passed my test 1st time in May.

Phil is a fantastic instructor - patient, encouraging & totally unflappable! I felt really at ease from my first lesson and enjoyed learning to drive.

The LDC Workbook & DVD system is great - the lessons are broken down for you so you know exactly what to expect on your lesson. The more time you spend on them the quicker you progress!

I highly recommend Phil & LDC.

Kirsty JonesKirsty Jones
I chose to learn to drive with LDC as my friend had recently passed with them and commented on how friendly, polite and reliable they were.

This was apparent as soon as I met Phil. He was so calm and always punctual. He instantly put me at ease from the first time I drove the car!

The weekly lessons I took helped me around my other studies along with the DVD and Workbook which I completed before each lesson which in turn helped me gain confidence in driving before my actual lesson which results in the whole hour of driving!

Phil is very dedicated to driving which shows and he helped me to understand how the road works and the car!

I would highly recommend Phil to teach you how to drive!

Sam LitchfieldSam Litchfield
From my first driving lesson with Phil I found his friendly nature made me feel both comfortable and relaxed.

I respect him with how much patience he had whilst giving me, what I felt was top quality training. I couldn't knock the service Phil provided as he was always on time and the car was spotless every time which made it a pleasure to drive.

The car is very easy and enjoyable to drive and all the controls are very simple and easy to get to grips with.

What made it easier for me was the DVD and Workbook system as it cut the time wasted on explaining what to do. Having watched the DVDs and used the book every week I began to grow understanding and great knowledge of what to expect in each lesson and all at my own pace.

To me Phil is an ideal driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Gemma DanksGemma Danks
Well done to Gemma who passed her driving test with only 5 minor faults and just 2 weeks before giving birth to her 1st baby! We thought she might have her during the test!!!

It was brilliant to share in your success - a thoroughly deserved pass!

Charlotte BucktinCharlotte Bucktin
"I chose to go through LDC as I'd had trouble passing my test previously so I needed to gain more confidence in my overall driving. LDC seemed to offer me the best tuition for my money in Leicestershire.

Phil really helped me to improve my attitude towards driving. He is a great instructor, extremely punctual and dedicated to teaching. This is apparent as he patient and understanding in areas which may be difficult for you to grasp at first.

He instantly put me at ease as he is friendly but also remains focused on you gaining as much knowledge and experience as you can from every lesson. I would highly recommend him.

The Semi-intensive course I took was extremely beneficial to me as driving became part of my everyday routine which allowed me to learn in a more relaxed manner."